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Yellow Butterfly Photography

Life captured one photo at a time

Taking a swing at something a little different

I spend my time taking pictures of little cuties, who don't pose well for their parents. Some days it a hoot and some days it is hard.  My husband whisked me away for a great weekend....WITH NO KIDS ALLOWED! It was glorious and I got some time to play with other types of photography.  It was a really wonderful weekend and I produced some great work!


Yellow Butterfly Photography on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia is that time of year again.

I got so excited sending my daughter off to kindergarten, but then the excitement sort of wanes. is picture time.  Tuesday is fall picture day at my daughter's school. As a photographer, this day rips at my soul.  My daughter has been in the school system for 2 years already.  This day not only comes once a year, it comes twice at our school.   Therefore, this will be our 5th time dealing with picture day.  Out of the previous four attempts, one has been ok.  It kills me to pay for photos before hand, unsure of what they are going to look like. 

I understand, pictures are a part of school.  I did it when I was little. There are some horrifying photos of me in 4th and 7th grades to prove it.  Ask my mom!  The assembly line of photo taking and their lack of caring about what your kid looks like in the picture just grate on my nerves.  THEN....I saw the price of photos this year.  My jaw nearly dropped and my husband questioned our sanity.  

What do we do? My daughter is more responsive to other photographers, but their quality is questionable.  Pay for something that may be horrible? Do I make her feel like the odd duck out for not getting her photos done? Ahhhh!

Anyway, enough of my ranting. My promise to you is:

  • You get to choose your photos to order only after you see them.
  • You get a photographer who cares about what your kids look like in the photo (no hair standing up and no blinking).
  • There are more than one photo taken of each pose as a just in case.
  • Your photos are fully edited before you see them.

Not sure what my decision is, but rest assured that Yellow Butterfly is here to make your photo session enjoyable.


Joanne L'Heureux

Yellow Butterfly Photography




Happiness is doing something you love....

Happiness is finding and doing something you love.  What is it for you?  I need to be a stay at home mom for my daughter, but I also have to be true to myself. I need the joy of photography.  Meeting and interacting with people, holding little babies, answering the billions of questions that kids have and working with great couples.

I am thrilled to be a photographer every single day. 


Joanne L'Heureux

Yellow Butterfly Photography


Mini session gone wild!

I had a great time during my first mini session weekend. My highlight was the wonderful young man and young lady that I have known for years. It was great from taking photos, to playing games, to hugs and kisses with mom and dad.  Our game of red light green light was taken to new heights once mom and dad got in the mix. A little bit of time at the park was a great time for all.

copyright Yellow Butterfly Photography

I am planning on offering some mini sessions for Halloween and for Christmas! Details coming soon via email. Contace to get on the email list.

Joanne L'Heureux

Yellow Butterfly Photography

Yellow Butterfly Photography and how I came to be.

After working diligently on my 365 project last year, I decided to dive head first into taking more portraits. I have been working hard on educating myself and the opening steps for my business.  I am so excited to welcome Yellow Butterfly Photography into my life. 


Why Yellow Butterfly Photography you ask? I already had a name with my Mamarazzi Adventures blog.  Why would you change something you worked so hard to get acknowledged?


I took a job last year before the holidays at one of the big professional photography studios.  I was appauled at the way these photographers interacted with clients.  One cursed regularly in front of children.  One photographer went to put her hand on a child with special needs. Holy cow! The lack of understanding and caring.  Then I started getting Holiday cards in the mail from this same studio.  Oh no, I could see the rushed work that parents were spending their hard earned money for.  I knew at that point, even with little knowledge at the time, that I could do better.  Needless to say, I didn't stay long.


The name itself started with a few years back with my daughter attending a special education preschool.  Before the children could recognize their names, they were given a symbol and a color.  Wait for daughter was a yellow butterfly.  You guessed it.


There it is. The birth of a company with a name that means so much to me. 


My goal comes from the Yellow Butterfly name and where it originated from.  A class room that had wonderful patient teachers and a place where both typically developing children and special needs children were accepted for who they were.  I hope that I can live up to being the incredibly patient photographer to all children. Autism, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, developmental delays, physical disabilities and other conditions do not and should not limit access to quality photography.  I want to take into consideration the clients' needs and abilities while providing the much loved photographic memories of childhood.   

Come one, come all. Yellow Butterfly Photography is open.


Joanne L'Heureux

Yellow Butterfly Photography



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